Life has a way of sometimes ripping the rug right out from underneath you, leaving you breathless and struggling to accept the harsh reality of the fragility of life.

On August 5th, Tamra, her fiancé Josh and the Foor Family’s lives drastically changed forever. Tamra was enjoying a visit at her parents house with her daughters Tanner and Charlee. On their way home that evening they were involved in a terrible accident. Tamra survived with significant injuries, but tragically both of her young daughters passed away.

Tamra, Tanner and Charlee were inseparable. The girls were the center of Tamra’s world. Beautiful, tough and full of life, fall short of accurately describing the lives that have been taken. Both girls loved anything and everything outdoors. Like their mom, grandparents, and uncle, they had a special love for horses. They were both members of the Odyssey 4-H Club raising dairy goats.

Tanner was 12 years old and would be turning 13 this September 3rd. She had just started 7th grade at Country Place Elementary. Tanner is described as a bit of a tomboy. She was a reporter for her 4-H club and was planning on running for secretary this year. Tanner was active in softball, loved to paint and played piano. She was going to start learning to play the violin. She loved her lizard, Stitch. Tanner had a love for horses and was hoping to start barrel racing soon.

Charlee would have turned 11 this past August 7th. She was a 6th grader at Country Place Elementary. Charlee is described as extremely caring. She always wanted to help others in any way that she could. She was an avid Harry Potter fan. Like her sister, Charlee raised dairy goats for 4-H, and was planning on running for reporter this year. Tanner was helping her practice to try out for the softball team. Charlee also played piano and was going to learn to play the cello. She loved her dog Abby.

The loss that Tamra, Josh and the Foor Family have sustained is unimaginable, and one that many of us will never experience in our lifetimes. The grief is overwhelming and all encompassing. Tamra has a difficult physical recovery ahead of her, but that doesn’t even begin to compare to the painful emotional journey she is embarking on. We are humbly asking for the community to come together to alleviate some of the financial burden, so that Tamra and her family can grieve peacefully.

AUCTION NOTE: At the conclusion of the auction all winning bidders will be contacted by the organizers to arrange for payment and pick-up/delivery of items.

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