Lot #8 Heifer 10-16 A
Lot Number:8
Start Time:6/8/2021 7:00:00 AM
End Time:6/9/2021 3:00:00 AM
Bid Count:0
Starting Bid:$1,200.00
Bid Increment:$100.00
Current Bid:$0.00
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Full sib to our 2020 high seller and 2021 Champion Maricopa County Bred & Fed

TAG ID: 10-16 A
DATE OF BIRTH:10/15/2020
SIRE:In God We Trust
DAM:Big Red
SIRE OF DAM:Lovin The Business
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All cattle have been weaned 30 days and started on grain for one week. They have been dewormed, vaccinated and boostered. They are halter broke to tie and handle, but all need more work before they are ready for the show ring. 

They are all raised by Rocker 7 Ranches here in the desert Southwest. Every calf was born on our farm and represents many generations deep of breeding show cattle for the Southwest.

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