Brooklyn Anderson
Lot Number:5
Start Time:6/6/2021 7:00:00 AM
End Time:6/15/2021 2:00:00 AM
Bid Count:19
Starting Bid:$20.00
Bid Increment:$5.00
Current Bid:$55.00
Bidding complete

SELLER NAME:Brooklyn Anderson
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ONLINE AUCTION: Will begin June 7th and end June 14th at 7PM

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I understand that in completing this form I will be given the opportunity to participate in the 2021 Maricopa County Fair Livestock Auction. I have received a copy of the auction book with the updated terms and conditions of the Auction and agree to the terms and conditions set forth therein in addition to those of the Maricopa County Fair Livestock Auction Rules and Credit Agreement. In the event my auction account is not paid within 30 days, I understand a late fee of 2% compounded monthly will be added to my outstanding balance.







Purchases made by multiple buyer numbers will be accepted.   However, the individual who signs the invoice for the animal that their group purchased automatically becomes the responsible party.  Upon request, we can make copies of the original invoice for your records.  MCF does not bill individuals for group/split purchases.  If you choose to pay by credit card, only one credit card will be processed per invoice and the buyer will be charged a 4% convenience fee for this service.  All group payments must be submitted at one time by the signing party in order to assure full payment and accurate accounting of the invoice.   


Add-on donations can be made to any exhibitors going through the livestock show.  Add-On donations must be paid under the same terms as purchases.


Buyer’s making credit card payments will be charged a 4% convenience fee. Payments to sellers are only made after purchase is paid in full. Prompt Payments will allow exhibitors to receive their sale checks and repay their project loans on time.


It is imperative for all payments to be received by the fair office no later than May 3rd, 2021. You will be contacted on May 4th, 2021 if you have an outstanding balance.  At this time MCF will request payment immediately or a credit card payment to satisfy the debt.  All outstanding balances on May 4th,  2021 will be charged 2% interest monthly.




All buyers must register in order to participate in the Maricopa County Fair Livestock Auction.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Exhibitors understand that once animals are auctioned, the sale is final.

Buyers purchasing animals for floor will be billed for the difference between the market price and the final sale price.  Our designated floor buyers will assume ownership of these animals.

The market or floor price for all animals will be determined and announced prior to the start of the auction.

For buyers selecting the Buyer Pick-up option for the animal purchased during the auction; animals will be released on Sunday April 11, 2021 beginning at 6:00pm - 7 pm All animals MUST BE picked up no later than 7 pm Sunday April 11, 2021. Any animal not picked up by that time may be donated to a local food bank or child solely at the discretion of fair management.

We welcome all ADD-ON donations.  Please complete an “add-on” form and return to the registration table before the end of the auction.

      Checks should be made payable to the MARICOPA COUNTY FAIR, and mailed to 1826 West McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85007.  For questions or changes regarding your auction billing please contact Nicki Hanger at 602-252-0717 x404 for further assistance. 




The undersigned applicant (the “Buyer”) hereby applies to the Maricopa County Fair (the “Fair”) for a line of credit for the purchase of livestock.  As consideration for Fair accepting this application, acceptance being evidenced and acknowledged by Buyer’s receipt of goods, upon credit, Buyer agrees to the following additional terms and conditions:

1)   Neither the Buyer nor the Fair shall have any obligation to sell or purchase or to continue to sell or purchase livestock, provided that all sales and purchases actually made shall be governed by this Agreement.

2)   To pay all bills and invoices when rendered.  Fair or its designee may mail to Buyer, a statement or invoice of the Buyer’s account and unless the Buyer notifies the Fair in writing within 15 days of the date of such mailing of any errors in such statement or invoice, it shall be deemed to be correct and accepted as rendered.  All transactions upon credit shall be deemed due, owing and payable upon Buyer’s receipt of Fair’s invoices and statement.  That portion of the total due not paid within 30 days of the auction billing date will become delinquent.  

3)   To pay Fair a delinquency charge which shall be computed by applying a periodic compounded monthly rate of 2.0% to the delinquent portion of Buyer’s account (excluding accrued delinquency charges) indicated on each statement.  Buyer’s willingness to pay delinquency charges shall not affect its obligation to make all payments on or before the due date. 

4)   All accounts not paid in full within 120 days of the auction billing date will be turned over to a collection agency.  Your auction account will be charged an additional 40% collection fee.

5)   To pay Fair all collection costs, court costs and reasonable attorney fees incurred if any action is undertaken to collect unpaid balances owed to Fair. 

6)   That Fair may bring legal action against Buyer to enforce the terms of this Agreement or any other right of legal action, which Fair may have.  This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Arizona.  Buyer specifically agrees that any lawsuit or action against Fair to collect any unpaid balances or to determine any other matter arising out of this Agreement or Buyer’s relationship with Fair shall be brought in the Maricopa County, Arizona Superior Court.  Customer fully understands that they are waiving their right to object to where this action is litigated. 


8)   This Agreement constitutes the complete agreement and understanding between Buyer and Fair in respect to matters herein stated, and this Agreement shall not be modified or amended except in writing, signed by Fair and Buyer.

9)   If any provision contained in this Credit Agreement is determined by a court to be in conflict with applicable, law, that provision shall be considered changed or omitted to conform to such law, but all other provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

10) Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to limit Fair’s collection rights or remedies.

11) GUARANTY:  The undersigned (the Guarantors) agree to guaranty and promise to pay, unconditionally, all sums (present and future) owed to the Fair pursuant to or arising from the terms of the above Agreement.  We specifically acknowledge and agree to be bound, personally, and individually, jointly and severally, by the terms regarding interest, venue, costs and fees.  This is intended to, and shall be a continuing guarantee and shall not be revoked except by advance written notice to the Fair.  A revocation shall not apply to any unpaid balances prior to the date of revocation.  The Guarantors acknowledge that the obligations hereunder are joint and several and independent of the obligations of the Buyer and a separate action may be brought against any one or more of the Guarantors whether or not the action is brought against any other Guarantors or against the Buyer.  Guarantors waive any right to have the Fair proceed against the Buyer or any security held from the Buyer.

I personally and/or collectively with Our firm (we) is (are) financially able to meet any commitments we have made and we expect to pay our invoices according to your terms, plus your customary monthly finance charge if account is not paid when due. 


Any person placing bids on items in this auction agrees to these terms and conditions and understands that, by placing  bids, they are entering into a binding contract between themselves and the seller(s)/sellers agent and that they will be held financially responsible for their actions. Virtual Stock Show is only as an agent between buyer and seller and may not be held responsible for any livestock or merchandise.


It is to be clearly understood that Jeff S. Maynard, Maynard & Associates, Next Level Livestock Camps, Virtual Stock Show and representatives act only as a means between buyer and seller, and may not be held liable, financially or otherwise, for any failure on the part of the same to fulfill any obligations set forth in this sale or for the truth of any warranties expressed or implied. This catalog of offering has been prepared by the auctioneer from information provided by the seller(s) and is assumed accurate as presented to us. However, Jeff S. Maynard, Auctioneer will in no way guarantee age, pedigree, or reproductive status of the animals selling. All agreements and adjustments made are between buyer and seller.  Placing a bid is a binding contract between you and the Owner/Seller, and the bid cannot be retracted. Once a Bidder places a bid, and the bid is the high/winning bid, the Bidder will be obligated to buy the lot at the said price indicated. Placing a bid on this online auction site, and winning, then not paying for the lot is illegal in most states, and prosecution can result.  The Owner/Seller of property sold through this online auction site reserves the right to reject any and all bids. As a Bidder, you are responsible for any bids placed by you or a designated representative under your bidding number and password. The security of your Bidder information is your sole responsibility and the Bidder will be responsible for any and all bids placed under the assigned number. If, at any time, you feel that your Bidder number and password have been compromised, due to lack of security on your part, you must notify Auctioneer immediately. Bidders agree that when using the Maximum Bid feature on our online auction Web site they will use it according to the terms and conditions applicable to that feature. Please note that when using the Maximum Bid feature, if you are the current high Bidder and you want to change your Maximum Bid, you will be required to place a new bid in the increment designated for that lot in order to raise your Maximum Bid, which may cause you to raise your last high bid by one bid increment. You, as a Bidder, understand and agree to how the Maximum Bid feature works if you choose to use it.



There are no bid retractions. ALL BIDS ARE NON-CANCELLABLE ONCE SUBMITTED. Once a bid is made and confirmed, it cannot be retracted. When a bid is made you manifest your intent and ability to buy the lot at the bid price. A false or fraudulent bid may result in legal action. Any winning Bidder who refuses to purchase the lot may be banned from all future online auctions.

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